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October 12 2009



the coolest colection i've ever seen! serious photo

Barcelona Nightlife

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Every year, I never missed visit Barcelona because this place is really a part of my work. Hotels reviews, content writing about the place, do some tourist survey and a lot of travel related stuff. But one this that I missed most is the nightlife that Barcelona has. Actually, even I’m in Barcelona it is really a seldom to spend a night just roaming around the city, (since my group is used to work during night). We’ve been in Oferta Hoteles Barcelona that time to gather some data for the reviews and for the tourism news. It around 7pm we decide to have a drinks somewhere in the city. Well, quite surprising, it is really great to experience nightlife in Barcelona.  Good nightlife, simply because there are lots of foreigners, students, and tourists. We meet some new friends and we spend the night in bar hopping, from jazz to tourist techno trash.

Hotel information

Hotel Valencia

August 17 2009


Most popular family activities in Barcelona

If you’ve already made your decision to come to Barcelona then this post will be a help to make your travel more guided and clear what is the place that is perfect for the family

Here are the following activities to consider in Barcelona

Accommodation for the Family – This is really a first and most important to  make yourself become more comfortable. Worries about finding Hoteles de Barcelona are minimal, the problem is how and what to choose to be perfect of the kids and the whole family.

Parc de La Ciutadella – this is the main park in the center of Barcelona. It offers number of activities that are great for families. The park has a lake in the center where you can hire a small boat and paddle around.

Barcelona Zoo – the location of the zoo is in the Parc de La Ciutadella. The zoo has wide variety of animals on show and along with the restaurantes España,  picnic area, a shop, electric cars, ponnies and mini-train.

Barcelona Aquarium – enjoy the water life with extensive collection of Mollusc shells and shell that considered as a real jewel.

IMAX Cinema – enjoy the wide screen 3D cinema located in the Port Vell of Barcelona. It is so-called “the most powerful and involving film experience possible.

Restaurantes Barcelona – It is always end with the food. The taste of Barcelona cuisines is like the tasting the tradition and cultures of Barcelona and Spanish tradition.

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Hotel Diagonal Barcelona

July 29 2009


Dream Holiday

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One of the famous place in the world tag as Dream Holiday destination is Costa Brava, a coastal region of northeastern Catalonia, Spain. The place is declared as suitable for substantial development as a holiday destination.  The combination of a very good summer climate, nature and excellent beaches is the reason that the place is really a Dream Holiday Destination.

a multitude of cultural and leisure activities during the year. Ones to be mentioned are the Carnival, Beer Festival and Medieval market of Castell d´Aro. I’ve been the place last 2006 for a business trip, that time is the beer festival celebration, a famous festival in the place. The town regularly hosts a number of congresses and important business gatherings. Hoteles Platja D'Aro, bars, restaurants, car hires and other tourist services are package in this place to serve the tourist and locals who want to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Ofertas Hoteles Platja D'Aro

Barcelona bars and pubs

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This is a city know for its nightlife, so it comes as no surprise that there is a huge variety of bars and pubs covering pretty much every theme and appealing to all tastes and budgets.

There are all kinds of bars in Barcelona. Some have a small dance floor, some a small restaurant and some have live music. Barcelona bars are usually opened until 2-3am, although late licensed bars stay open until the metro starts running again at 5am can also be found.

Hoteles de Barcelona, some have bars and restaurant that serving the tourists want to experience nightlife and taste the Spanish wine and Spanish traditional foods.  There are plenty Irish/English pubs with good Guinness  and usually English speaking bar staff, each with particular atmosphere and often also offering quiz nights, language exchanges and live gigs.

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Hotel Sant Gervasi Barcelona

June 19 2009


hotel centro Andorra

Make sure that you always focus of the things you want to enjoy your travel. Things to learn, peoples to meet, views to see, adventure to experience is the basic thing in travel that is very important to make your travel become a real travel.

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